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Disgruntled Artists

Rants about Epilogue and Communities like it...

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Anybody , Moderated
If you are levelheaded, understand the rules, and would like to be a moderator, please drop us a line at mylilhole@aol.com

1. Understand that this is a free speech zone. Anything posted will remain posted. The only exception to this will be if the poster is breaking the law(making threats, posting copyrighted material, soliciting illegal services).
2. Anonymous postings are fine and understandable. If you feel you are going to offer an unpopular opinion and worry about being judged by the masses for it...feel free to make a new LJ name to be part of this community, or to post as an anony...however, so that we don’t have a million of you running about and confusing people...pick an “Assumed name” and put it in the subject line of all your posts.
3. We are not here to run people through the mud. It is all right to mention names of artists and offer links to their works for comparisons or questions, but please do not seek to belittle anyone’s artistic merit here. It is one thing to ask “why was this watercolor on Bristol anime rejected from EPI for XXX reason when, this one with the same XXX issue was accepted” it is another matter all together to say “look at this crap that got in! My two year old does better work!” That may be the case, but we ALL know EPI has crappy work hidden in there, and we can all find it on our own...no reason to humiliate someone we don’t even know.
4. Feel free to rant about ANY of the internet art galleries. Epilogue is probably going to be most people’s main focus, because it went so long without such a venting spot, but if you’ve a complaint about elfwood or deviant art(etc) don’t hesitate to get it all out here.
5. Feel free to post your work for critiques, and feel free to offer whatever helpful advice you have for those doing so. However, please be careful when judging another’s work. Do not comment on work that is of a genre you do not like or are unfamiliar with. (further helpful guidelines for critiques will be posted soon)
6. Very long posts or posts that contain pictures larger than 100 x 200 must be behind lj-cuts. There is information on how to do this at http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75.