Epilogue response time?

So how long does it generally take epilogue to respond? I submitted some drawings well over a month ago, probably more like 2 or 3 months (long enough for me to forget and only remember just now) and I still haven't had any response. Is this typical or is my art so crappy they decided I wasn't worth responding to?

We have been vindicated!!

Well the old adages, “All things come to he who waits” and “time can make wise men of fools” has been proven right again. When we first gathered together to form this forum for artists to talk through their grievances, we were called fools, whiners over sour grapes, childish, traitors and liars by a steady parade of the Epilogue Defense Patrol. Every single issue we raised met with staunch heated rebuttal that we were being over sensitive, fabricating, or worse purposefully misleading the public with slanderous statements that Epilogue had serious problems. So strong were the EDP in their loyalty to Chad and his system that none could envision or believe our testaments of abuse.

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One more for the Refuse pile. ^_^;;;

Well, I've given up once more, but in case anyone's rolling their eyes and biting their tongue, I'm not really here to whine and moan. I got to a point an awful long time ago where I can accept that some (most :P) of what I create won't get to Epilogue worthiness. I'm okay with that, though I do feel like a bit of a lo0o0zer for being unable to add to my little gallery. Only a little, though. :D

I'm really here to talk philosophy. If you want, you can attribute this post to the explorative ramblings of an unschooled artist, as here I stand with a Bachelors of Science and no formal training since high school.

Here's what I've been pondering:

Perhaps it's the sign of a bad artist, but when a painting looks just like I wanted it to and is correct on a technical level, I stop. Period. I'll only stretch so far to please others, which I consider to be the 'right way' to go about my craft. I dunno... do you guys agree? Is your personal art supposed to come out how YOU want it to be or how the 'EXPERTS' want it to be? Is it ever okay to draw the way YOU want to instead of the way the 'RULES' say you should?

If anyone has thoughts on the matter, I'd be really interested. I feel sometimes like the 'professionals' out there lose track of art being for the sake of the art instead of for the sake of the bottom line - the customer's money.

Or maybe... I'm just highly opinionated and stubborn. ;)

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Liar, Liar, Wacom on fire..

Okay, I have a small issue here that I want to get out into the open. It's about people who lie.

I personally know of several artists who lie about what they do to achieve certain effects in their art. And by god, it pisses me right the hell off!

The reason for my anger is that people who are new to the medium or to art in general and who REALLY thirst to learn come to these people for help and then they are lied to!

I have seen a couple of sincere people try to incorporate the techniques that they have been falsely instructed on, only to fail miserably to achieve that effect over and over and be crushed when they come to the erroneous it was just them being untalented.

A couple of fibbers I know of use Photoshop to paint over photos and then lie and say that they are not photos and that they are freehand. There are ways to tell, usually, if you know how to use Photoshop tools to hone in on certain telltale signs. See, I have no problem with people who do photo manipulation because it takes a lot of skill to do it. I have problems with people who blatently lie (even if they are painting over photos that they themselves took).

There was a person kicked off Epi a couple of years ago when someone actually found the photo that he used for a piece. This was after about twenty people rushed to his defense and jumped on the person accusing him. I was not part of this fiasco but I followed the the event to see if Epi would do anything about it, when this was one of the most popular pieces at the time. My jaw dropped when they actually took action and purged this person's gallery.

I also know a person who airbrushes bits and pieces over his watercolours and acrylics and says that he did not. He claims that it is 100% brushwork and that it is an effect he got by knowing how to layer correctly. I know for a fact that he is lying because I was privvy to some information that I should not have overheard.

So, I guess what I am trying to get around to here is this: How do the rest of you feel about people who lie about their techniques? Do you think that they are spiteful and lacking integrity? Do you think it is within their rights because they are afraid of competition? Do you think it is wrong for someone like me to be pissed off about it? Do you think it is okay to 'out' the person and reveal what they are doing if you have absolute proof that they are lying?

I have no intention of naming names at any point but I have considered getting together with some other artists and creating a site that reveals the techniques themselves to people who are baffled by what certain artists are doing.


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I just joined. I am a member of epi, but thats not why im joining. I was curious if anyone has had problems with deviantart? I have been banned and i havent a clue why, as i had not visited the site in a while then i go to log in and it tells me i have been banned.. now i cant find anyway to email people to question why or what i s going on, as you have to be a member to get that info!
Has anyone else experienced this?
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Why all the hate towards Epilogue?

I stumbled into this live journal from one of the forums i frequent and was very dismayed to see quite a deal of trash talk about Epilogue and some of it's more prolific members.  I too am a member of Epilogue and very proud of that fact.  I am also a very active member of the community there, and spend most of my time in the WIP forum trying to offer critique and advice to other artists.

I've read several comments here about awesome works being rejected while poorer ones get in, and i just have to say, i don't see that happen very often. Certainly not as often as it seems to be suggested here.  Most of the rejected works i see come through the WIP forum really do need more work.  It is quite rare that a piece gets posted there where i can't see or at the very least have a rough idea of what the editor saw that warranted a rejection.  And many times, despite all the efforts of the other people who give critiques, the things that need the most work, are often never changed or not changed enough to correct the problems.  Sometimes people change everything BUT the area that needs work and then wonder why they get a completely different rejection reason.  They get angry and they get frustrated and it's all because they won't listen to the help that people are giving them.  This makes it equally frustrating for those of us trying to help. 

No one at Epilogue does anything because they have to.  Not the editors, and not the community.   We offer our critiques and advice out of a true desire to see artists improve.  And then to come to a place like this and see people call us elitist snobs?  Well, that just hurts.