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Date:January 20th, 2004 03:35 am (UTC)

Re: unregistered madelf

I'm betting that removing images that don't fit falls pretty low on the priority queue as far as work for the mods go. Which would you rather do, peruse new art or go through old stuff that *might* be a copyright infringement? Since every reported image isn't automatically wrong, I bet the mods have to actually go hunting for the source material to back their decisions up when they remove something. That's a lot more work than just accepting/rejecting shit. Note, I'm not a mod, I don't know the actual process to which they must adhere when they try to get rid of an accepted piece, I'm just guessing.

One of the things I reported was a photo from a lunar landing...astronauts stepping down from the lander, that sort of thing. I looked and looked and I just couldn't find even additions to it. It was just one of NASA's pictures. Granted, those things might be public domain by now, I don't know but they didn't change anything. It wasn't painted freehand, I hunted out the original on NASA's web site and as far as I could tell, all they did was resize it. So I reported it. I went back about once a week for two months and it was still there. Still is for all I know. The other was a "fairy wings to magazine ad" thing.
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